Upcoming Event: Navigating Fair Employment Practices Across the Employee Life Cycle in Singapore

In today’s challenging business landscape, ensuring fairness in employment practices is essential for remaining an attractive employer and achieving long-term success.

Join our experts to explore the intricacies of fair employment practices in Singapore throughout the employee life cycle.

In a conversation moderated by Ryme Dembri, Founder at ValuAscend, our speakers Astrid CIPPE, Counsel at LPA Singapore, and Emmanuel White, CEO & Co-Founder at WeLinkTalent, will share their experience and delve into key topics such as:

✅ Building a diverse workforce in line with foreign talent employment constraints;
✅Fostering equal opportunities for career advancement;
✅Cultivating a supportive work environment.

A Q/A session will follow the discussion to address key issues.

Date: Thursday 18 April 2024, 8:15am to 10:00am Singapore time

Location: French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

This conference is organized with the support of the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore.

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