We advise MNCs, SMEs and individuals on employment law, immigration and tax issues. We conduct compliance reviews to guide on reductions in financial and legal risk exposures for companies. We provide support to M&A operations with regard to compliance in employment law and tax.

We are also specialized in global mobility. We address complex matters about assignment planning and international structuring of employment contract, social security and income tax liability issues, payroll and financial reporting obligations, compensation, rewards and benefits packages appropriate for cross-border mobility situations (secondment, short/long term assignment, multi-states activity, permanent transfers, localizations, repatriation etc.).

We improve international assignment processes – drafting and amending international mobility policies, incentive plans, rewards policies, employment contracts, assignment letters, letters of understanding and international payslip templates. We ensure compliance is achieved across all touch -points without exposing assignee and company to any kind of non-compliant uncertainty with regard to cross-border movements, tax and labor laws. 

We juggle numerous legislative and procedural issues at any given time-working as a strategic partner, go-to person, point of escalation and as a principal advisor to bring global mobility interventions to a successful conclusion with expert focus, follow-through, coordination skills. Leveraging a unique combination of legal, HR and business acumen to fuel organizational success reinforced by proven influential leadership, we excel at conceiving unconventional tactics outside the nine dots, working as a trusted partner by contributing ingenious mobility initiatives within challenging, volatile and ever-evolving global matters.

We provide training sessions to clients regarding international mobility processes and regulations, as well training sessions for risk management related to work place behaviors of employees and organizations that have a negative impact on employees’ productivity (sexual harassment, bullying, inappropriate workplace behaviors etc.).